Final proofread underway

It’s been a long time since my last post, I just realized. A little over three months, in fact. During that time, Phantom Frost has been undergoing some beta reads, copy editing, many of my own proofreads and several revisions.

My rough estimate is that it’s now at version nine or ten. All that has refined and evolved the story to, I’m happy to say, a nicely polished state, making me eager to get it out in the world.

I’ve also been busy formatting the eBook and paperback, getting the book cover made, and doing the many other things involved in preparing for publication.

I’m happy to say that Phantom Frost is now undergoing its final proofread, the eBook formatting is essentially complete, and other tasks are starting to wrap up, meaning that the novel should soon be ready for release on Amazon. I’ve not fixed an exact date yet, but my current guess is within two to four weeks it will be available for purchase.