He's Got A Snowball's Chance

Do snowmen shiver in the heat? Read Phantom Frost, a thrilling and fresh sci-fi/fantasy tale of survival, friendship, myth and magic to find out.

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Phantom Frost is the first book in a forthcoming series, now available on Amazon in eBook and paperback.

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Stay Frosty, Stay Alive

Shivurr remembers little before the Bodhi Institute, the secret government installation where he’s been held and studied like a lab rat for the past decade. It hasn’t been all bad, though, for a soda-pop-loving sci-fi fanboy, especially in 1983.
He’s got all the TV, movies and arcade games he could ever want. But lately, flashes of his forgotten past have invaded his dreams: visions of an ancient chamber where the mysteries of his origin may finally be resolved.
Compelled to find it, Shivurr embarks on a quest, fleeing the facility in the dark of night. Escaping is easy; the Bodhi Group guards didn’t dream he’d ever try. The Nevada desert is dangerous for warm bloods; for a snowman, it’s pretty much suicide, even for one with his seemingly magical command of frost and ice.
Hunted by Bodhi Group agents, keeping to the shade when he can find it, he’s determined to survive; he’s got a feeling the world may depend on it. And, if he doesn’t, well, everyone melts eventually, right?

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Alfred Wurr is a Canadian author, video game and software developer, computer scientist, and former Olympic wrestler.

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