Remember the past, save the future.

After a week on the run, relaxing beachside is the closest thing to paradise that Shivurr can remember. Sure, the sun might kill him, but you can’t beat the view. Besides, he’s got a hat full of his stolen memories and more importantly—he’s free.

Free of experiments. Free of the Institute. Free of the Bodhi Group.

The problem with paradise is that it can’t last. Not when there’s a forgotten apocalypse still to stop. Not when the Allfrost is failing. Not when you’re sworn to defend it.

Not even if you’re the last of your kind…

To stop the threats, he’s got to do more than just remember, though. With the clock ticking, Shivurr must embark on a new journey of discovery, delving deeper into the gods’ worlds, uncovering secrets, old and new, even as he continues to recover and evolve. Wherever the adventure takes him, at least this time he’ll have friends. He’ll need them and more to succeed.

Against the gods, demons, and secret agents opposing him, even a frost god may not be enough…